World’s first multimodality multiplexing microarray system enabled by TTP SureDrop technology

Developing bio-printing and manufacturing systems for the world’s first multimodality, multiplexing microarray system for Quotient.




Clinical laboratories traditionally use multiple systems to perform the full range of blood group typing and disease screening tests needed for safe blood transfusions.


TTP developed bio-printing and manufacturing systems for the Quotient microarray and MosaiQ TM, a ground-breaking new technology and the only multimodality, multiplexing microarray solution on the market.


Launched in 2019, the MosaiQ TM system significantly reduces per sample cost as well as sample volume requirements, thereby creating opportunities for new clinical uses of automated blood testing.

Prior to every blood transfusion, donor and patient blood undergo a series of tests to rule out adverse reactions due to mis-matched blood types and to screen the donated blood for infectious diseases. Traditionally, clinical laboratories rely on multiple systems and often manual handling, to perform these tests, resulting in complex workflows and data management.

Quotient, already a world leader in the manufacture and supply of blood typing and screening reagents, saw an opportunity for a microarray-based solution to multiplex all these tests and approached TTP to collaborate in the development of a comprehensive testing system.

The multi-disciplinary team at TTP are highly experienced and were able to rapidly assist us in the manufacturing of MosaiQ to build what is now an industry leading system. Their expertise, together with their drive to bring our idea to reality, made them the ideal partner.

Ed Farrell
President at Quotient

TTP determined that the success of this idea depended on a bio-printing technology capable of depositing, without damage, diverse blood typing and screening reagents – including blood cells and antibodies – to create the microarray at the core of Quotient’s envisaged system.

In addition, the bio-printing technology needed to be sufficiently reliable for volume production and offer the requisite security of supply for a new business in blood transfusion. We suggested that TTP’s SureDrop printing technology could be developed to exactly meet Quotient’s needs.

As Quotient’s primary engineering partner, we then developed novel manufacturing processes for the microarray and established an in-house manufacturing facility that provides Quotient with an ongoing supply of custom-made SureDrop print modules – all in line with regulatory guidelines for a product for transfusion diagnostics and beyond. Quotient uses these SureDrop print modules to produce microarrays for the MosaiQTM  system.

Mosaiq Intext

We also designed the low-cost single use microarray test cartridge for the MosaiQTM system, as well as the magazine that feeds microarrays into the instrument, and developed volume manufacturing systems and processes for the high-speed assembly of the MosaiQTM microarrays. Finally, our User-Centred Design team helped to make the MosaiQTM processing instrument simple and intuitive for laboratory personnel. 

MosaiQTM offers unmatched array-based blood grouping and donor disease screening capability in a single instrument. By radically simplifying laboratory workflows and reducing the need for multiple blood testing systems, MosaiQTM has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of blood products.

In both donor and patient testing, the MosaiQTM system also provides faster results, the option to add tests that were previously uneconomic, and makes blood testing possible with much reduced sample volume, which can be critical in neonatal patient testing.

COVID -19 Update

The MosaiQTM system has enabled the development of a rapid, high performance COVID-19 antibody test. It has recently been commercialised and is in use to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK and beyond. 

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