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Modern Slavery Act: Our Statement

TTP Group Ltd is the parent of a group of technology and product development companies. Almost all of our staff are based in the UK and are engaged in consultancy, technology innovation and design, and manufacturing. Our principal supply chains comprise suppliers of scientific and engineering products, suppliers of office products, sub-contractors for design services and providers of support services. In the board’s opinion the risk of modern day slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains is low. No specific steps have been taken in the year to ensure that no slavery or human trafficking has taken place in any supply chain or in any part of the business.

This statement is made by TTP Group Ltd on behalf of itself and TTP plc pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Keith Haddow
Financial Director
TTP Group Ltd
April 2022

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Gender Pay Gap

Please download the report here.

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