16th January 2024, Cambridge, UK – Technology development experts TTP and semiconductor focused accelerator SiliconCatalyst.UK are partnering to help fast-track the UK’s most exciting new semiconductor companies’ journey to market. TTP will work with companies at ChipStart UK, a UK government funded semiconductor startup incubator managed and delivered by SiliconCatalyst.UK. By offering the ChipStart UK cohort their mentorship and expertise in bringing new products to market, the companies will benefit from TTP’s multi-decade experience of integrating novel semiconductor devices into difficult real-world use-cases.

The two-year ChipStart UK programme includes eleven companies that are designing chips for use in a wide range of sectors, from brain implants to online security, quantum computing to efficient processors for the training of AI (artificial intelligence) models.  Experienced accelerator SiliconCatalyst.UK will provide bespoke chip design tools, commercial expertise and access to a network of specialist mentors and technology experts such as TTP. 

“TTP offer valuable and unique insights into solving engineering problems, as well as acting as a route to real world applications via their own development programmes, and those of the customers they serve” said Silicon Catalyst.UK CEO Sean Redmond. “Providing this type of expertise and access to real use-cases will help our cohort better tune their product requirements and roadmaps. This is a key benefit for our cohort of companies, that will help accelerate their product development and potentially reduce time to market”

TTP have strong heritage in silicon, including key roles in the development of digital mobile and satellite phones. A more recent focus has been on the development of technologies relating to Edge AI processing, and their integration into systems in areas such UAV detect and avoid and autonomous agricultural robotics.

“We choose to work with companies who are expanding the boundaries of the possible” said Tom Nicholson, AI consultant at TTP. “Right now, some of the most exciting development in AI is happening at the edge – embedded processing that can help AI models make important decisions in the real world, in real time, without a connection to the cloud is the only path to true autonomy. This is an area in which the UK could lead the world, and a key area of interest for both TTP and the ChipStart UK cohort.”

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