• TTP has announced the opening of BuildSpace – a new, dedicated manufacturing space at its Cambridge HQ designed to ‘remove barriers to great innovation’.
  • The new facility expands TTP’s range of services, allowing the dedicated manufacturing of high-quality life science and medical products and consumables on-site.
  • Bringing together existing resources into a single dedicated facility is seen by TTP as a natural next step in being able to fully integrate TTP’s offer – from research to market.

Cambridge, UK, 19 June 2021: TTP plc, a leading independent UK technology and product development company, has announced the opening of a brand new dedicated manufacturing facility at its HQ in Cambridge.

TTP say that the creation of the facility, called BuildSpace, comes in response to increasing customer demand and is designed to help break down the barriers often found at the manufacturing transfer stage, where the lack of flexibility and high set-up cost of big contract manufacturers can prevent great ideas from becoming reality. 

The opening of the new facility is the natural next step for TTP in taking its clients all the way to market, enabling seamless transition to low volume manufacture at TTP and subsequent transfer to high volume partners. This will expand TTP’s offer to its client from research and development, through to clinical trials, manufacture and early market validation.

It also opens up the opportunity for companies who need low volume manufacturing support to engage TTP and get to market more quickly. This means they can gauge their potential success from a much earlier stage, maximising value to a potential acquirer at minimum cost and time.

The opening of BuildSpace will also allow the company to continue to create jobs as it expands its offer for existing clients and attracts new clients, with 12 new positions having already been created at TTP’s Cambridge base. 

The space is fully flexible, providing manufacturing capabilities integrated with TTP’s product development process and the ability to suit the needs of its clients. BuildSpace is designed specifically for the controlled, clean manufacture of life science and medical products and consumables.

BuildSpace is just one element in a growth plan for TTP who recently entered into a new strategic partnership with Bruntwood SciTech. The two businesses are working together to develop a long term vision for the future growth of Melbourn Science Park as a leading science and technology cluster in Cambridge.

This is a really exciting development for TTP and one that will expand the services we can offer even further. We’ve continued to see increasing demand for integrated manufacturing capabilities from our clients. Through the creation of BuildSpace, we want to remove the barriers to great innovation. BuildSpace gives us the capacity to take clients through to clinical trials and even into early production. By allowing clients to validate the commercial opportunity as part of their development pathway with TTP, we’re providing real value for their businesses.

Peter Crossley
BuildSpace development lead at TTP

To find out more about BuildSpace contact TTP at enquiries@ttp.com.

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