Driving Cell Therapy Innovation: Applying Key Lessons from the Evolution and Commercialization of Protein-Based Therapies

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Protein Cell
Bioprocess International Conference in Boston panel.

What can our experience of traditional bioprocessing teach us about the manufacturing of new cell therapies?


TTP’s Edwin Stone was recently invited to be part of a panel of cell therapy industry experts at the Bioprocess International Conference in Boston. Bioprocess International has published a transcript here.

About the author

Dr Edwin Stone

Edwin is a Life Science Consultant at TTP. He leads TTP’s cell therapy cost reduction and automation initiative. He has over 15 years of product development experience and has been responsible for the commercialisation of many disruptive life science products spanning diagnostics, lab analytics and medical devices. He has a particular interest in enabling new opportunities through the development of complex new technologies and how to successfully realise this in practice.

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