Critical Communications

Advances in wireless communications and the emergence of low-cost sensors, combined with powerful data processing systems, are transforming situational awareness for first responders.

Critical Comms1

The Critical Communications sector has always prioritised performance and availability. Today, the sector is undergoing a period of great change enabled by a number of developments.

These include the adoption of commercial communication standards such as LTE for emergency network communication and the introduction of connected sensors and detectors for real-time monitoring of individuals and their environment. Low-cost transducers, sensors and imaging devices, first commercialised for consumer applications, are gradually being integrated into innovative first responder products. And high-performance, low-cost radio chipsets are opening up new possibilities in voice and data communication.

Meanwhile, the current generation of microprocessors can deliver huge processing power into compact, battery-powered devices for real-time applications. This enables advanced signal processing that can markedly improve the clarity of voice communication, augment incident video feeds with critical contextual information and deliver heightened situational awareness to incident commanders.

It takes technical expertise to transform low-cost, high-performance components into the ruggedised, high-reliability, high-availability, standards-compliant products expected by first responders. TTP use its deep capabilities in bio-sensing, signal processing, high-performance wireless communications and intrinsically safe design to engineer systems and products that meet the strenuous demands of the sector.

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