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The sensors for autonomous vehicles are getting smarter and more accurate, enabling vehicle developers to reach high levels of autonomy in prototype systems. The next challenge is to reduce the cost of manufacture and integration to a point where wider adoption is possible.

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Reducing cost and size of lidar optics

At TTP we combine our understanding of lidar with years of experience designing diffractive optics to create disruptively low-cost and small form factor lidar optics. We have experience transferring these systems to high volume manufacture and can help our clients to push the boundaries of cost and performance.

Improved sensor reliability technology

Sensors for autonomous vehicles require a cleaning solution. By integrating a solution into their product, sensor manufacturers can differentiate their offer in a highly competitive market. TTP has more than 30 years’ experience developing complex ultrasonic cleaning technologies for industrial and consumer products.

Achieving vibration and shock resistance

Using our in-house clean room we are able to design bespoke beam steering systems to meet our clients requirements. Our clients retain the necessary IP to fully commercialise their product.



There are few examples of products that have successfully scaled, with liquid crystal displays being an exception. Nevertheless, there has been plenty of progress in photonics processing in recent years and if these technologies are starting to mature then the implications are huge for automotive and other industries.

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