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Cell and gene therapies

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Accelerating ideas to commercialisation

Cell and gene therapies offer potential cures for some of the most devastating and challenging conditions of our time. TTP is enabling leading companies to commercialise and realize the full potential of their innovative cell therapies.

By using disruptive technologies and automation, TTP is advancing research, development, and manufacturing processes to make living medicines a reality for patients everywhere.

why ttp


We develop bespoke solutions and disruptive new technologies for cell and gene therapies. Our inventions help clients to commercialise their products, reduce costs and complexities, while also improving access and scalability of their ideas.


To date, we have completed over 20 projects for leading companies, enabling cell therapy automation and improving cell therapy manufacturing. Our 30-year bioprocess heritage allows us to anticipate and solve potential challenges across the entire development process.


We work as an extension of your team, supporting you to challenge conventional thinking. Together, we can create and accelerate existing ideas into successful and commercially viable cell and gene therapies.

Commercialising Cell Therapies

We support companies to create bespoke manufacturing tools and equipment, reducing cost of goods and addressing variability and safety challenges, while scaling up new innovations. We combine our extensive experience of bioprocessing and cell handling, with our understanding of developing highly reliable medical devices – an approach we call Cell Therapy as a Medical Device (CTMD).

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