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The Invent podcast currently covers both Health and Life Sciences.

Each episode, we’ll be joined by the top scientists, designers, business leaders and academics working at the vanguard of these vital industries, to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the worlds of health tech and life sciences.

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Behavioural Science

How to do what's good for us

Human beings always seem to end up doing things we know are bad for us. But why? Where do these motivations lie? Does science and technology have the solution?

Mental Colour

Mental Healthcare

How to think about feelings

What is a mentally healthy lifestyle? Should we be happy all the time? What role does data have to play in mental healthcare services?

Neuro Colour


How to speak to the brain

Neurotech: what is it? Elon Musk’s brain implants that herald a dystopian sci fi future? Or life saving technology which will be able to cure a multitude of injuries: back pain, epilepsy, even paralysis.

Eyecare Colour


How to restore sight

What role does science and technology play in the fight to prevent sight loss and even cure blindness?

Sustainable Colour

Sustainable Healthcare

How to take action

Waste in healthcare is a pressing problem. And what is healthcare doing to fight back against the climate crisis?

Robotics Colour

Surgical Robotics

How to build a robot

Surgical robotics are all the rage right now - but are they better than humans? Are they too expensive? Do we even really need them?

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Healthcare's coming home

How to fit a hospital in your home

Does the future hold a return to house visits from doctors? Hospital level tech in your living room? Is healthcare coming home?

Pain Colour


How to feel less pain

What is pain? Where does it start and end? Is it all in our heads?

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Introducing Invent Life Sciences

The team at TTP are back with a new series all about the Life Sciences, to explore the impact of biology and technology on the life sciences sector.

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Genomics: How to use a $100 genome

In this episode of Invent: Life Sciences, we explore the race to innovate in the sequencing arena, what’s happened so far, and what’s going to happen next. 

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Synthetic Biology: How to change your genes

What is the potential of synthetic biology? A chance to create life-changing therapies by speaking cells’ very own language? Or could rogue researchers use it to turn our own biology against us?

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Ai Health

AI: How to think differently

The use of AI in drug discovery is one of the most exciting new sectors in the field. But how does it really work? What are the conditions needed to implement it? Is it really anything more than just a useful tool?

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Preclinical drug development: How to simulate the human body

Are animal models still the most effective way to test drugs before we use them in humans? Or are they ready to be replaced by innovative new in vitro models of drug development?

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Cell and Gene: How to make advanced therapies accessible

Will we ever be able to cure all diseases? And even if we could, should we want to? Does the answer lie in Cell and Gene therapies?

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Cell Therapy Manufacture: How to scale the manufacture of living drugs

Will we ever be able to cure all diseases? And what does a world where we can look like? Is the more efficient manufacture of cell therapies the answer?

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Blood Monitor

Diagnostics: How to do self-testing better

What can Theranos and Covid tell us about the state of modern diagnostics industry? Have they been a help, or a hindrance?

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Life Science Investment: How to invest in change

How did the pandemic change the way in which we invest in the Life Sciences? Has the focus on Covid left other sectors to fall by the wayside?

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