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Space-enabled 5G communications: extending the reach of 5G connectivity

5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) are coming. Seamless integration of satellite and terrestrial components in the Radio Access Network extends the reach of service providers everywhere and gives rise to new use cases – for both IoT and broadband communications.  

Having extensive experience in terrestrial and satellite communications ecosystems, we help our clients to evolve their next generation of products and services to 5G and beyond. 


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5G NTN service class definition

The race is well underway for satellite operators to build differentiated 5G NTN services. We help our clients analyse the art of possible for next generation 5G terminals, sub 6GHz antennas and SDR technologies for multi-standard evolution in the UE. This informs network architecture and investment decisions required for their 5G service timeline.

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3GPP ecosystem development

Based on open standards, 5G NTN presents the necessity for satellite service providers to forge new partnerships. The most effective partner ecosystems are destined to become winners of the future. TTP provides independent advice and consulting services to assist clients to establish their own unique position within the 3GPP community.

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Key technology development and trials

Where traditional vendors cannot move fast enough to provide 5G NTN-ready solutions, TTP engineering services are accelerating clients’ plans, with proofs of concept, prototypes and trials for their most valuable use cases, whether they be on land, air or sea.

News & Insights

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TTP develops 5G NTN test environment with Keysight tools

TTP, an independent technology and product development company based in the UK, today announced that it has integrated its satellite and systems design expertise with tools from Keysight Technologies Inc., to provide a 5G non-terrestrial network (NTN) ‘digital twin’ modelling and emulation environment.

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AccelerComm and TTP Partnership Offers 5G LEO Regenerative Base station solution to Deliver High-Performance Cellular Service

AccelerComm, the Layer 1 5G IP specialists, and TTP, an independent technology and product development company based in the UK, today announced that they are jointly formulating a high-performance 5G LEO Regenerative - base station for deployment on low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites.

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Omnispace teams with TTP to expand 5G development partner ecosystem

Omnispace, the company redefining mobile connectivity for the 21st century, today announced that it is teaming up with TTP, an independent technology and product development company based in the UK, as part of a world-class team of partners as it makes 5G non-terrestrial networks (NTN) a reality.

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Satellite IoT for 5G — What’s the Story?

What does the rise of 5G and new (LEO) space operators mean for the satellite and cellular industries and for next-generation IoT? TTP’s Adrian Hillier charts the way ahead.

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Plane Wifi

Inmarsat and TTP develop compact MSS terminal for aviation

Fast development of a mobile-satellite services (MSS) terminal for aviation, enabled by TTP's extensive automated test lab as well as TTP's previous development of Inmarsat's BGAN Radio Module.

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Satellite Baker

Low-cost satellite IoT: around the corner, but no free lunch for operators

A blog looking at the impact of orbit and operating frequency on the types of IoT service a satellite operator can deliver.

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TTP and Inmarsat enable rapid development of compact MSS terminals

Inmarsat selected TTP to develop a BGAN radio module to aid value added manufacturers in the development of terminals for mobile-satellite services (MSS).

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5g Hero

How can satellite operators invest to differentiate themselves in an open 5G world?

A world of global hybrid connectivity based on 5G standards is coming in to sight, and so is a new industry ecosystem.

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Phone On A Plane

Keeping people connected while in the air

When travelling we all take for granted that we are able to stay connected. For a long time there was one glaring exception - the inability to make calls in the air.

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Adrian Vid

Trends in 5G NTN

We recently presented the current main trends in 5G NTN in our video at the Soapbox Session of the UK Space Conference 2021.

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