Healthcare’s coming home, it’s coming home… Or is it? Recent years – and increasingly since COVID 19 – have seen healthcare moving into the home, with patients using more digital products to track their health from the comfort of their sofas. But why? What was the initial trigger for this? What are the risks and benefits? Will this see a dystopian world where only the rich see doctors in person or a complete democratisation of convenient healthcare? In this episode of Invent Health we break down healthcare in the home to see the benefits and blockers in the now and in the future.

Find out on this week’s episode of Invent: Health from TTP.

This Week’s Guests
Clayton Poppe is the CTO of Diality. From their base in California, Diality is redefining home dialysis, enabling patients in Kidney failure to undergo hemodialysis, in their own home. An engineer  and technical management professional by background, Calyton specializes in new product and technology development and process scale-up.

Alex Gilbert has worked within the Digital Health Industry for a number of years alongside healthcare, pharmaceutical and tech organisations. He joined Huma (previously called Medopad) as one of their first employees and currently manages global Life Sciences Partnerships and Digital Medicine development. Huma is one of the UK’s highest-growth digital health companies, having raised over 50 Million in funding, whilst partnering with Apple and Tencent. His passion is the use of technology to empower and engage the patient to take control of their care.

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