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Inventing the future of neurotechnology

At TTP we invent and innovate with our clients. Whether you are looking for de novo device development, are making the jump from your first proof-of-concept to a production-ready design, or need to troubleshoot specific aspects of your system, TTP creates bespoke technology solutions for implantable medical devices. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to adapt to your needs and integrate with your design team in order to accelerate your time to market.

Delivering novel neuromodulation therapies requires a truly multi-disciplinary team, with expertise in implantable medical device development, multi-physics modelling, advanced electronics and RF design, low-power sensing, and embedded processing techniques. These capabilities are enabling the next generation of neurotechnology devices to deliver novel, personalised therapies and achieve better outcomes for patients.

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IPG development

Implantable Pulse Generators (IPG) are moving towards greater functionality and smaller size. Innovation requires low-power electronics expertise and custom power and comms solutions, all tightly integrated into a biocompatible hermetic package. TTP has the multi-disciplinary capabilities to help develop the next generation of IPGs.


Custom antenna design for power and communications

Leveraging the smartphone interface to enable condition monitoring and control of neuromodulation parameters can increase patient engagement, allow therapy personalisation, and result in improved outcomes. This requires the implementation of custom data links and comms protocols, and the application of machine learning to this data can then generate insights to maximise treatment efficacy.

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Nerve sensing for closed-loop therapies

Neuromodulation systems that can modify or titrate therapies in response to nerve behaviour have been shown to deliver more effective therapies. Sensing and extracting actionable features from nerve signals requires the development of highly sensitive electrodes and the use of efficient signal processing techniques. Closing this loop will enable real-time adaptive therapies for maximum patient impact.


TTP has been exceptional to work with. They are sharp and experienced and were able to quickly adapt to changing business needs. They are clearly expert at what they do, which made our job easier. ​ We felt we could trust them to do the job right and communicate results clearly. They were also fun to work with, having laid-back styles and engaging personalities. ​ I’d highly recommend TTP and will definitely use them in the future if the need arises!​

Meredith Seaborn​

Director of New Therapies Marketing & Neuroscience, Medtronic

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